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Milad Celebration by the madressa students

Parents and students of the Islamic Centre week-end school, attended a celebration commemorating the birth of Prophet Muhammad(S) on Sunday 27th of February. The event which was organised by the Educational Institute of the Islamic Centre, the department that runs the Saturday and Sunday madressa, saw active participation of children. Eulogy chorus songs, play and power point presentations related to Prophet Muhammad were some of the activities performed on the day by the students who worked hard under the supervision of their teachers. Guest speaker for the event was Amir De Martino who spoke about the event related to the birth of Prophet Muhammad and the position that he occupies in the heart of all Muslims. He said that because of the extensive knowledge we have of Prophet Muhammad(s) as the outcome of writing down all aspects of his life, we have a better picture of how he was than any other previous Prophets and this make him real and easier for us to connect to.