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Educational Classes for Converts/Reverts to Islam

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
Salaam un-Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Islamic Centre of England has organized a series of classes for converts/reverts to Islam in order to become familiar with Arabic as well as the holy Quran and some day to day Islamic Rulings.

Day: Saturdays; Time: 5pm to 7pm
Class: Room No.1 (brothers), Room No.2 (sisters)

Course Schedule:

5-5.45 Arabic Alphabet & Qur’an
5.45-6 discussion
6-6.40 Ahkam (Islamic rulings) & Aqa’ed (Beliefs) & Akhlaaq (Ethics)
6.40-6.50 discussion
6.50-7 open forum

Quran Course Structure:

1- Beginners: Arabic Alphabet & Qur’an: grades 1-4; (requires 120 hours of study, including self-study)
2- Intermediate: Tajweed (improve) 1: grades 5-8; (requires 120 hours of study, including self-study)
3- Advance: Tajweed (improve) 2: levels 1-4; (requires 120 hours of study, including self-study)

The courses have already started but you can still enrol.

There are some general regulations that need to be observed for the classes at the Centre, (to keep the classes disciplined and beneficial to everyone). For further details and enrolment please get in touch with the Educational Department, on 020 7604 5500 (direct 020 7604 5531) or email:

English Language Programme Section &
Communal Relations
Islamic Centre of England