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Student of Ministerial Theology at Roehampton University visit Islamic Centre of England

A group of students from the course of Ministerial Theology held at Roehampton University – London, visited the Islamic Centre of England on Saturday 6th of November. The students of the foundation course in Ministerial Theology are required to study one of the major religious traditions of the world and the visit to the Islamic Centre is related to their study of Islam.

The twenty-five strong group after being addressed by their tutor Dr S Calderini who reminded them of the purpose of the visit, were given an introduction to the history of the Islamic Centre with a look at some features that are normally found in mosques by our educational officer Amir De Martino. A further discussion followed on basic principles of Islam and some historical background to the Shi’a – Sunni division.

The student also enquired about the dynamic of conversion from other religions to Islam. The enquiry into such topic was generated after having understood that the lecturer, Amir De Martino, was a convert to Islam.