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Supreme Leader Condemning Insult to the Holy Quran

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Surely We have revealed the Reminder, and surely We are its Guardian. [The Holy Quran, 15:9]

Dear Iranian nation, Great Islamic Ummah,
The insane, hateful, and disgusting insult to the Holy Quran in the United States which took place under police protection is a bitter and important event which cannot be considered as only an insane move by a number of worthless mercenaries. This is a calculated move by centers which have pursued the policy of Islamophobia and anti-Islamism for many years. And they have fought against Islam and the Holy Quran by using hundreds of methods and thousands of propaganda and operational tools. This is another link in the disgraceful chain that was formed by the treachery of the apostate Salman Rushdie and was continued by the hundreds of anti-Islam Hollywood movies and the move by the wicked Danish caricaturist. These moves have now led to this hateful theatre. Who and what is behind these evil moves?

Analyzing this evil process - which was accompanied during the recent years by criminal operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, and Pakistan - leaves no doubt about the fact that the process is planned and controlled by the heads of the domineering powers and Zionist think tanks which wield the greatest influence on the US government, its military and security organizations, the British government and some European governments. They are the same people whom independent and truth-seeking research is increasingly pointing the finger to at being the main culprits of the events of September 11. That event provided the criminal then-US President with a pretext to attack Iraq and Afghanistan and he declared a crusade. The same person announced yesterday - according to reports - that this crusade has now become complete with the entry into it of churches.

The purpose of the recent disgusting action is one the one hand to extend opposition against Islam and Muslims to all levels of Christian communities, to put a religious façade on such opposition, and to gain support from religious biases and concerns through the use of churches and priests. On the other hand, they intend to divert the attention of Muslim nations from the issues and developments of the Muslim world and the Middle East by causing them to be enraged and offended by this great offence.

This spiteful action is not simply the beginning of a movement. Rather, it is one of the stages of the long process of anti-Islamism that is led by the Zionist regime and the US. All the heads of the arrogant powers and Aimmatul Kufr [leaders of Kufr] have now stood against Islam. Islam is the religion of human freedom and morality and the Holy Quran is the book of mercy, wisdom, and justice. It is the duty of all freedom seekers of the world and followers of Abrahamic religions to stand by Muslims and oppose the evil policy of Islamophobia which is being carried out through such disgusting methods. The heads of the US government will not be acquitted of complicity in this hideous event through their use of moderate and deceiving language. All the rights and honor of millions of innocent Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Pakistan as well as what they hold sacred have been trampled underfoot for many years. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, tens of thousands of men and women have been enslaved and tortured, thousands of children and women have been abducted, and millions of people have been paralyzed and disabled. What have they fallen victim to? Why do western media introduce Muslims as the symbol of violence and Islam and the Holy Quran as a danger for humanity despite all such innocence? Who can believe that this vast plot is probable and practical without the assistance of the Zionist circles operating within the US government?

Muslim brothers and sisters from Iran and all parts of the world,

I deem it necessary to mention a few points to everyone.

First, this event and the preceding events clearly show that what is being targeted by the global arrogant powers is the essence of Islam and the Holy Quran. The blatant opposition of the arrogant powers against the Islamic Republic is a result of the clear opposition of the Islamic Republic against the global arrogance. And pretending not to be hostile towards Islam and other Muslims is a great lie and evil deception. They are opposed to Islam and everyone who is committed to it. They are opposed to all signs of being a Muslim.

Second, this chain of spiteful actions against Islam and Muslims is the result of the fact that the light of Islam has been brighter than ever before during the past few decades and that the influence of Islam on the hearts has been increased more than ever before both in the Muslim world and even in the west. These actions are the result of the fact that the Muslim world is more aware than ever before and that Muslims are determined to break the chain of two centuries of domination and invasion by the arrogant powers. The insult to the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) is an event which represents a great promise despite its bitter nature. The brilliant rays of the Holy Quran will become brighter on a daily basis.

Third, we should all know that the recent event has nothing to do with churches and Christianity. And the puppet-like moves of some insane priests and mercenaries should not be written down in the record of Christians and their religious men. Muslims will never do similar actions with regard to what is held sacred in other religions. Public discord among Muslims and Christians is exactly what the enemies and those who planned this insane theatre desire. And what the Holy Quran has taught us is the opposite of what they did.

Fourth, it is now the US government and its policymakers that all Muslims hold responsible. If they are honest in claiming that they are not involved in the events, they should properly penalize the main elements behind this great crime and the perpetrators of this crime who caused pain in the hearts of one and half billion Muslims.

Greetings be upon Allah`s pious servants
Sayyid Ali Khamenei
13th September, 2010
(Shahrivar 22, 1389 SH)