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SACRE meeting at the Islamic Centre

Islamic Centre of England hosts SACRE’s meeting.

The Islamic Centre of England was the venue for the Westminster SACRE’s summer meeting.

SACRE is the abbreviation for the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education. Its composition is specifically multi-faith and includes groups representing various interests such as: Christian and other religions denominations, Humanists, teachers of RE, head teachers and Local Education Authority representatives.
Because of the large Muslim presence in Westminster, Islam is also represented by both Sunni and Shi’a representatives. The Islamic Centre of England as the major Shia’a mosque in the borough has provided a delegate representing the views of the Islamic Shi’a faith on the Council.
According to the Education Act 1996 section 391 one of SACRE`s main functions is `to advise the authority upon such matters connected with religious worship in county schools and the religious education to be given in accordance with an agreed syllabus`.