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Condolences for Allameh Sayyed M. H. Fadlallah

"To Allah we belong, and to Him we shall return" [the Holy Quran]

Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammed Hussein Fadlallah passed away on Sunday, 4th July 2010, at a hospital in Zahia district in Beirut. Allameh Fadlallah had been hospitalized a few days earlier due to stomach ulcer. Despite all the efforts by doctors at the Bahman Hospital, he departed this life on Sunday morning.

Sayyed Muhammed Hussein Fadlallah was a prominent religious figure and political leader in Lebanon.

Born in Najaf, Iraq; 1935. Fadlallah studied Islamic sciences in Najaf before moving to Lebanon in 1952.

His heart has stopped after 74 years that were spent in the struggle for the cause of Allah, as well as in jurisprudence, renewal, opening up on and committing to the cause of the nation and confronting all the powers of arrogance and tyranny.

His most essential advice for the Muslims before his demise was to preserve Islam the Islamic nation and its unity, for he believed that the arrogance would not be defeated unless the Muslim unite and support one another.

His Islamic endeavouring and sincerity lead him to institute a school of dialogue with the other on the basis that truth is the child of dialogue. He opened up on all people and he embodied dialogue in his movement, thought and entire life.

The prominent Muslim religious leader always supported the Lebanese nation in their campaign to liberate their country from Zionist occupation.

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