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Educational Umra Programme for Boys

Educational Umra Programme for
Boys Age 13 - 19 Years old
Easter Holiday 2010 (09 - 20 April)

Ayatullah Abdulhussein Moezi
Head of the Islamic Centre of England

"Muslim parents, especially in non Muslim countries have a responsibility to make serious efforts to provide Islamic education and training for their children, and to inculcate them with religious values. They should deepen and consolidate the thinking and beliefs of the youth with correct teachings and establish the proper intellectual foundations whereby they can confront the all-out attacks of the enemies of Islam and those who propagate against religion.

For this reason the Islamic Centre of England advises parents to make appropriate and timely use of every teaching opportunity available in order to raise the religious knowledge and doctrinal development of their Muslim children. One such opportunity is the forthcoming ‘Umrah trip. This trip could further encourage and attract them towards acquiring religious knowledge and Islamic values in their youth as well as giving them the chance to benefit from the great blessings of visiting the House of Allah and the sacred shrine of His Messenger (s)."

Dr. Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour
Head of the Islamic College
“For spiritual feelings to flower into spiritual wisdom, right atmosphere and thoughtful instruction are the most essential elements.

The Hajj academy is providing this atmosphere for our youth by taking them to the holiest place on the earth in a spiritual Umra journey which is both an act of devotion and a training camp.

The Islamic College is pleased to have been able to provide the group with a spiritual and ritual instructor.”

Package brief description

Our Easter Umra package provides an excellent opportunity to receive essential Islamic education in sacred places. This programme has been specifically designed for teenagers, aged 13 to 19 years old.

This package combines the holy Umra pilgrimage with Islamic education as well as moral training in a friendly and happy environment.

The package has the following key features:

Essential Islamic Education provided by the Islamic College

It includes Usul deen, Moral advice for teenagers, practical training of Salat, Umra and other Shari''''''''''''''''a law, answering question and debates on Islamic matters

Guided Ziarat and Umra
Fully Supervised
Direct Flight
5 Star Hotel
Visiting Historical Places
Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

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21st march is the last day for booking.
(Please secure your place by booking early and paying the fee.)