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Uni students visit the Islamic Centre

Uni students visit the Islamic Centre
On February 18th a group of students from Roehampton University – London came to visit the Islamic Centre. The 25 students are in their 1st year of a Theology and Religious Studies BA degree in which they study religious cultures, beliefs and practices in both historical and contemporary contexts. Some of the students will go on to be Religious Education teachers.
The students accompanied by their tutor were given an introduction to the origins and beliefs of the Shi’a school of Islam by Mr Amir De Martino. In chronological order, he highlighted the most important events in the formation of Shi’ism with a final focus on the development of Shi’a centres of learning /seminaries in the Islamic world. He also looked at the some of the main theological concepts in which the Islamic Shi’a school of thought stands apart from other schools within Islam, such as the concept of Imamate (divine leadership), the justice of God and free will and predestination. The students were given a tour of the Centre, taking the opportunity to admire the beautiful Islamic decoration of its main hall. A Q&A session provided a further opportunity for a better understanding of Shi’a Islam and the activities of the Centre within the Islamic Community.