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Students visit the Centre

Hujjatul –Islam Haidar gave a lecture to university students who came to visit the Islamic Centre of England on Wednesday 25th of November 2009 on a pre-arranged visit. The talk titled “Religious Democracy” , was an introduction to contemporary political discourses on governance and political systems within Islamic world and more specifically in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Hujjatul-Islam Haidari expounded on the theory of governance as theorised by influential Shia Islamic leader of this century, such as: Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Naini (1861-1936), and Imam Khomeini (1900-1989). He also introduced the different views of contemporary scholars in Iran giving an insight in the lively debate that is still current in Iran concerning the nature of a “proper Islamic Government/System”.
Hujjatul-Islam Dr. Hamid H. Haidar a Senior Research Associate at the Department of Political Science, UCL (University College London) and a Graduate from Essex University as well as the Seminary of Qum explored and presented the idea of Religious Democracy as an alternative to other types of Democracies currently existing in the world.
Students had an opportunity to ask further questions after his presentation