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American Students’ Visit

A group of 23 American University students accompanied by two tutors visited the Islamic Centre of England as part of their cultural study that has taken them around London, visiting a variety of places of worship such as Buddhist and Hindus temples, Synagogues, Sikh Gurduwaras, Mosques and Islamic Centres. The visit to the Islamic Centre was planned with the intention of visiting a Shi’a Mosque. During the two hour visit the students were given a tour of the Centre with an introduction to its history by Mrs Zahra Tharoo followed by two lectures, one by Amir De Martino and the other by Sheikh Ahmed Haneef.
Amir De Martino gave an introduction to the historical development of Islam looking at its birth place and the geographical milieu in which it emerged. He also briefly explained its growth up to the death of the Prophet and ended his lecture with the immediate division that surfaced after the demise of Prophet Muhammad (s).
Ahmed Haneef gave an explanation of the Islamic Belief according to the Shi’a school touching upon the concept of Prophethood, and how the principle of the Shahadatein (There is no god but God and Muhammad is His Messenger) can be found in other religions. For example, in Christianity, he said, we could see the Christian belief reflected in the statement that there is no God but the Father and that Jesus was His messenger. Haneef explained some parallels between the Fatiha (the first chapter of the Holy Qur’an) and the Lord’s Prayer in an effort to demonstrate the similar characters of these two religions.
Upon being asked about the views of Muslims concerning the Bible, Sheikh Haneef explained that Muslims consider the Bible to contain parts of the original Gospel given to Jesus (as) by God but believe that what we have today is not the Bible in its integral form.
Students were also interested in understanding the concept of Islamic marriage and its procedure for which Sheikh Haneef gave a full theological, spiritual and legalistic explanation of this important ritual in Islamic society.
Hijab and idea of beauty in Islam were other topics that the scholar was asked to address. He explained that Hijab (The Muslim women code of dressing) is a religious obligation that takes into consideration the fact that beauty cannot be separated from modesty otherwise it would turn into obscenity.
Expounding on the concept of God in Islam Ahmed Haneef said that; Allah is neither masculine nor feminine and is not perceived as such in Islamic thinking. However Allah does posses what we could identify as masculine and feminine attributes such as being majestic or (Jalal) or beautiful (Jamal).