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Islam and Social Issues

“Moderation and Modest Attire” was the title of the first speech in a series of lectures on Islam and Social Issues organized by the Islamic Centre of England. These series of speeches which started on 20th November, will address many aspects of life in our modern society, attempting to provide awareness and understanding of challenging issues within the larger society, amongst members of the Muslim and non Muslim community.
Sheikh Ahmed Haneef, the speaker, in his presentation, talked about the religious and moral importance of dressing modestly and for both men and women. He stressed that the culture of “nakedness” developed in western countries, has not favoured or improved the condition of women, but has in fact further objectified them. He stated that the “masculinisation” of society has pushed women towards an un-natural desire to emulate male criteria of self definition.
Haneef affirmed that the modern society in general, appears to lack those female characteristics that are supposed to counterbalance male ones. While he did not wish to imply that there are specific fixed gender related tasks and duties, he explained that a balanced society should reflect those attributes of God that could be classified as masculine and feminine (such as: the attribute of power, determination, law, punishment and love, nurturing, kindness, etc..). Sheikh Haneef also explained that Islam is for moderation in all aspects of our lives and that extremist behaviour that harms others are not endorsed by Islam.
The meeting also involved the participation of Sgt. Williams from Camden constabulary who addressed the audience to introduce the work that her unit does in the field of domestic, racial and homophobic violence within the borough.