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Islamic Unity Conference

A one-day conference on Proximity between Islamic Schools of Thought was held on Saturday 24th October at the Islamic Centre of England. The discussion centred around the main theme:
“Dignifying Human Beings and Promoting Muslim’ Unity”. It was an attempt to create harmony and understanding among the participants in order to foster unity within the society. Several speakers took part in the discussions which lasted the whole day. Among the participants were: Sheikh Mu’ezzi, the President of the Islamic Centre, Sheikh Rashid Ghannoushi, Dr Ahmad Abdul Ghafoor AI Samerra’, the President of the Sunni Muslim Endowment in Iraq, Sayyed Saleh AI Haidari, the President of the Shia Muslim Endowment in Iraq, Sayyed Fadhel AI Milani, Dr Kamal Helbawi, Dr Muhammad A’amer the Director of the Islamic Heritage Centre in Berlin and Sayyed Murtadha AI Kashmiri, the President of the Imam Ali Centre. Discussions dealt with common issues that are often used to create
divisions among Muslims. The speakers called for more positive relations among Muslims and criticized sectarian attempts to sow the seeds of division and disharmony.