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Intensive Summer Course

The intensive Summer course on Spiritual Self-building and Community Building was completed on the 31st of July. The two subject were taught by Hujjatul Islam Dr Shomali for ten consecutive days. Dr. Shomali covered a range of topics such as Self-purification, Journey from darkness to light, Light and guidance, Light of Prophet Mohammed(s), Light of faith...... In Community Building some of the topics included : Significance of Community in the Quran, Islamic Community: balance and moderation, Truthfulness, Justice, Rationality, Seeking knowledge….

Each lesson lasted approx 1 hr and half and was followed by a very interesting 30 minutes Q&A /discussion session.

DVDs of the lectures will be available from our book store. (This will not contain the discussions part since these were not recorded).

MP3 CDs are now for sale in our bookshop.