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6th Annual Conference on Islamic Unity - Hamburg

The 6th Conference of the Islamic inter-denominations and Islamic unity was held in the Hamburg Islamic Centre the 30th of January 2016 . This conference coincides with the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (s) and Imam Sadiq(as). 
The event was organised by Islamic Centre of Hamburg and the Islamic Council of Hamburg.
This year theme was " The role of Muslims in civil society". The director of the Islamic Centre of England, Hujjatul Islam Dr Shomali, was among the special invitees and gave a talk titled ‘The Islamic Way of Life’. The gathering was attended by Muslims of various denominations as well as non Muslim and ideas and points of view where presented with an opportunity for the audiences to ask question.

There were 4 panel discussions:

The foundation of civil society in Islamic history and religious sources.

Muslims’ social support for civil society in Germany.

Muslim counter-public or niche journalism ?

What are the future challenges and what structures do are needed?

Panel discussions and speeches were translated to and from Persian, German, English, Turkish and Arabic.

The following is the link to Sheikh Shomali’s talk: