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Statement by the Representatives of the Grand Maraja' and the Heads of the Shiite Centres of England on the essentiality of an everlasting preservation and persistence of Islamic Unity

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

“Indeed this community of yours is the one community and I am your Lord” 21:92

Unity amongst the Muslim Ummah is an issue of a cosmic magnitude as reinforced by the Holy Quran. Islamic teachings is comprised of calls towards mutual peace and holding on to the rope of Allah and avoiding dispute among the Muslims.

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided” 3:103

Therefore, any speech and behaviour that causes rift among the Muslim Ummah, from anyone and in any form is entirely unacceptable and it is necessary to abstain from these perverse measures.

Throughout their lives, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his infallible progeny, have placed great emphasis on the mutual harmonization among Muslims and have taken monumental steps to exalt the word of Allah and the preservation of harmony between Muslims.

In Nahj ul Balagha, letter 78, Imam Ali a.s. responded to Abu Musa Ashari in the matter of arbitration as follows:

“O Abu Musa, know that no person is more covetous than I for the unity of the ummah of Muhammad (may Allah bless him and his descendants) and intense love and affection among them.”

Shiite scholars and jurists throughout the history have always advised and encouraged the amicability between the Islamic Ummah without ridiculing and disrespecting the holy personalities of especially our dear Ahl e Sunnah brothers.

For this reason, it’s our resolute instruction to maintain and continue the cordiality and empathy between all Islamic sects, and we strongly condemn sectarian discords in any way shape or form from any entity.

We highly recommend all the Shiite officials who are in charge of their centres to invite only those scholars who adhere to the fundamental principles of Islamic unity and do not deflect from the message of the Maraja' (May Allah protect them all).

May Allah keep us steadfast in the path of His righteous servitude.