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Next year, Tebyan school in cyberspace if quarantine continues

Director of the Islamic Centre of England: If the quarantine caused by the coronavirus continues in the United Kingdom, the next academic year will be held online with hundreds of students who learn Quran.

HIWM Moosavi, President of the Islamic Centre of England: In the closing session of the current academic year 2019-2020  which was held with the school administration and teachers, he expressed his hope that “the evil of this virus will decrease as soon as possible and that the difficult lock down conditions will end and then school can recover its educational activities with the same enthusiasm as in previous years”.

Noting the importance of interrogation, the director of  Islamic Centre of England said, “the question is the key to knowledge”. Therefore, I invite all teachers to provide the basics for enhancing the spirit of questioning and gaining knowledge with their students.

HIWM Moosavi said that “if these conditions persist, The Al-Tbyan school will be active online in the next academic year, and if necessary, teachers will receive the training before the school start again”.

The Al-Tebyan School considered One of the largest Qur’an schools in the UK with 400 students and 28 teachers and is open on the weekends. In this school, Qur'an, tafseer, Aqa`id, Akhlaq, tajweed and the Arabic language are all taught.