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Virtual Seminar on the Legacy of late Imam Khomeini(ra)

Seminar to commemorate the 31st death anniversary of the late Imam Khomeini RA

On Wednesday the 3rd of June 2020, an online live seminar was held by the Islamic Centre of England to commemorate the esteemed personality of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the late Imam Khomeini RA (may Allah bless his soul).

The Islamic Centre of England invited academics, scholars and thinkers from both the Islamic and Christian faiths to participate in live online and television sessions to honour the late Imam RA.

The seminar was broadcast on the social media channels of the Islamic Centre of England namely, YouTube, Facebook as well as the television channels of  Ahlebait TV and Hidayat TV, as well as in Farsi and Arabic on the U News channel in a programme entitled ‘Legacy of the esteemed late Imam RA’.

The programme was presented by eleven academics and scholars from various countries including Australia, Canada, Iran and England who paid tribute to the line of thought of the great and influential late Imam Khomeini RA. During this seminar, after recitation of verses from the holy Qur’an by HIWM Sayyid Naseem Haydari, the audience was presented in English with video clips from the life of Imam Khomeini RA as well as sections from the speech of the Supreme Leader Imam Khamanei HA (may Allah protect him) about the viewpoints of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Virtual Seminar
Topic: The Legacy 0f Late Imam Khomeini RA

On: Wednesday 3rd June’ 2020. At 19:00

1. 19:00 -- Recitation of Quranic Verses by HIWM Sayyed Naseem Haideri (5 Mins)
2. 19:05 -- Welcome speech by Syed Abbas Abedi (5 Mins)
3. 19:10 -- Documentary on Imam’s short biography (5 Mins)
4. 19:15 -- Speech by HIWM Agha Sayed Ali Reza Rizvi president MUS (5 Mins)
5. 19: 20 --Speech by Father. Dave Smith from Australia (5 mins)
6. 19:25 -- Imam Khomeini’s Golden Words 1 min
7. 19:26 -- Speech by Br. Zafar Banghash of Canada (10 mins)
8. 19:36 -- Speech by Pro. Rodney Shakespeare of London (10 mins)
9. 19:46 – Speech by Sheykh Noor ul Aqtaab Siddiqui (10 Mins)
10. 19:56 -- Speech by Syeda Umm e Farwa founder LYZ (5 mins)
11. 20:01  -- Golden words from Imam Khomeini (2mins)
12. 20:03 --  Speech by Dr. Saeed Shehabi of Bahrain(5 Mins)
13. 20:08 Views of International Scholars on Imam Khomeini RA (2 mins)
14. 20:10  Speech by HIWM Dr. Sayyed Saeed Reza  Ameli from Iran (8 mins)
15. 20:18 Vote of thanks and the conclusion of the Seminar by the Director of ICEL and the representative of Imam Khamenaei His Eminence Seyed Hashem Moosavi.(10 Mins)
**The end the Seminar with Dua al Faraj at: 20:30 ** 

Watch this Seminar Live on:
1. Ahlebait TV (Sky745), 
2. Hidayat TV (Sky733),