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A Selection of Islamic Laws Relating to the Day of Eid al-fitr

Eid prayer and Zakat al-fitr

1-    This year due to the covid19 lockdown, the places for congregational Eid prayers like the Islamic Centre of England will closed for the prayer and so the believers can pray individually at their places of residence.

2-     After it has been ascertained that the month of Shawwal has begun, those that wish to perform the eid prayer, as an obligatory precaution, must pay their Zakat al-fitr before the eid prayer, or put it to the side. However, if they are not performing the eid prayer, they can delay paying Zakat al-fitr until Dhuhr prayer.

3-    There is no problem in putting the Zakat al-fitr to the side on the day of eid al-fitr with the intention of paying it to the poor within the next few days. However, the payer must not be negligent in his duty and the obligatory precaution is that when he pays the Zakat al-fitr, he renews his intention of paying the Zakat al-fitr.

4-    If during the obligatory prescribed time period for Zakat al-fitra, a believer does not pay the Zakat al-fitr  nor does he put it to the side, it is an obligatory precaution, without making the intention of paying on time or paying late, to pay the Zakat al-fitr with the intention of ‘ma fidthimma’  which literally means ‘fulfilling one’s duty’.

5-    Regarding the payment of Zakat al-fitr of sayyids, it is based on the guardian of the family which means that if the guardian of the family is a sayyid and the spouse is a non-sayyid, the the Zakat al-fitr for themself and their family can be paid to a sayyid or a non-sayyid.

6-    There is no problem to pay the Zakat al-fitr before the beginning of the month of Shawwal through the internet portal for religious taxes of the Islamic Centre of England, as it will be kept as a trust and upon the beginning of the month of Shawwal, it will be used in the prescribed manner. It must be noted that upon the arrival of the month of Shawwal, the payer of Zakat al-fitr must make his intention that the money he paid as a trust to the Islamic Centre of England now is his Zakat al-fitr payment.