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Special programmes of the Nights of Qadr

On Tuesday 12th May, Thursday 14th May and Saturday 16th May 2020 from 12am to 2am

1. Recitation of holy Quran by the renowned reciters:

Mr. Ahmed Abul Ghasemi / Mr. Raheem Khaki / Mr. Hashem Roughani

2. Recitation of Dua e Joshan Kabeer by:

Mr. Mojtaba Mughaddas / Mr.  Seyed Jalal Masoomi / Mr. Ali Mosallaey

3. Quranic points a short Speech by Dr. Jawad Forooghi

4. Recitation of Dua e Abu Humza by:

Mr. Sarveri from inside the holy shrine of Imam Reza AS- Mashad

5. Praising and Mourning for the holy progeny of holy Prophet SAWS (Maddahi) by renowned personalities:

Mr. Murtaza Taheri / Mr. Samawati / Mr. Murtaza Taheri

6. A short Talk by the Grand Ayatollah Sheykh Jafar Sobhani / Ayatollah Sheykh Ali Reza A’arafi / HIWM Sheykh Hussain Ansarian

7. The Ritual essence of the night lead by HIWM Seyed Hashem Moosavi

To watch our special daily Ramadan programmes from 18:30 and nights of Qadr from 12 a.m. in the links below:


YouTube:Islamic Centre of England








Ahlebait TV (SKY 745) 12 a.m. London Time


Hidayat TV (SKY 733) 12 a.m. London Time