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Daily Programmes of the Islamic Centre of England in the Holy month of Ramadan

Wishing our brothers and sisters of Islam a blessed Ramadhan during this time of quarantine, Islamic Centre of England is using social media to present their production titled ‘’30 nights 30 insights’’ for your own benefits.

Therefore, all brothers and sisters are able to watch the programme on the specified social Medias as scheduled below for the nights of Ramadhan from Saturday 25th April 2020 – Saturday 23rd May 2020.

Daily Arabic programme: 17:30-18:30

Daily English programme: 18:30-19:30

Daily Persian programme: 19:30-20:30

Live Maghrib Adhan broadcasted from the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS):

YouTube:Islamic Centre of England-








Ahlebait TV (SKY 745) 16-17 p.m. London Time &


Hidayat TV (SKY 733) 16-17 p.m. London Time &