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Imam Al-Mahdi (as) The Awaited Hope for Humanity

Join the global call of “Ya Mahdi Adrikni “ ( O Mahdi help me) tonight 15th night of Shaban 

On the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of the Imam of our time, IMAM MAHDI (AJF), the Islamic centre of England hereby request you to join our global call “Ya Mahdi Adrikni “ ( O Mahdi help me) tonight at 9pm (Uk time) along with the Iranian nation and many others round the world who will do the same tonight. You can watch LIVE Farsi programmes on various channels and join in supplications and prayers especially Dua Alfaraj and Ziyarat Ale Yaseen. 
Please don’t forget to watch and participate in a LIVE program in which the Director of Islamic centre of England HIWM Seyed Hashem Moosavi will Address the viewers on “the Universal Government of Imam Mahdi AS today ( Wednesday 8th April) at 7pm (Uk time). 
You can watch it on YouTube/ islamiccentre1998. and Ahlebait TV (sky745)