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The Art of Faith

UCL ABSoc is proud to announce the launch of our new flagship event: The Art of Faith! In collaboration with the Islamic Centre of England, we'll be hosting an event dedicated to exploring the beauties within Islamic art; be that on canvas, on paper or in film.

We have a line-up of professional speakers who will be holding workshop style talks, to give us an insight into some of their most treasured pieces. We'll be looking into how they compose their pieces, as well as what inspires them to do so. There will also be Quran recitation. The line up of all our speakers will be released shortly, so keep an eye out!

As the event will conclude our Imam Hussain Awareness Week, the topic for this year will be Imam Hussain (a.s) and Karbala. We'll explore professional pieces relating to the topic, as well as selecting a few of our submissions to be presented by the artists themselves. All submissions will be presented in our exhibition!

This event has been carefully planned to accommodate peoples of all ages and religions so invite all of your friends and family; everybody is welcome!