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Press Release: Visit My Mosque Open Day 2018

On Sunday 18th February 2018, the Islamic Centre of England opened its doors to neighbours and visitors on Visit My Mosque open day.

The Islamic Centre of England is a Shi'a Islamic, religious and cultural centre whose mission is to provide services to members of the Muslim community and the wider community at large, focusing on spiritual guidance, inter-faith dialogue and Islamic education. It is one of the very few religious and community centres which is open for 365 days a year (that's everyday of the year) and delivers programmes in Arabic, Persian, Urdu in addition to English.

Volunteers from the community and in particular from SOAS Ahlulbayt Society and Middlesex Ahlulbayt Society played an important role in planning and running the programme of this open day.

The Islamic Centre of England welcomed the award-winning artist Siddiqa Juma and exhibited 10 of her original Islamic Art pieces.

The Islamic Centre of England also invited the following organisations to showcase the significant contributions of Muslim organisations in Britain: Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign, ARISE, Asian Middle Eastern Blood Cancer Trust and WhoIsHussain.

The day included a Try a Hijab activity, Calligraphy by young Muslim Calligraphist Miss Batul Al Bakaa, Q&A with Sheikh Bahmanpour and Sheikh Haneef, 2 of our resident scholars, and a guided tour with an overview of the history of the centre’s beautiful building which was designed and constructed in 1913, almost 100 years ago.

Finally the guests were able to enjoy authentic healthy food which included dates filled pastries, fruits and light snacks.

The Islamic Centre of England welcomes visits from local and international universities, London schools and faith groups on a regular basis and it has been and will always be most welcoming of visitors and worshippers.