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10 Nights of Muharram 2017

In service to the master of martyrs and the grandson of the holy Prophet, Imam Hussain (as)..

The brothers and sisters of
Shabab Al Sibtayn 
IUS - Islamic Unity Society 
Banihashem Foundation
ARISE - London
Islamic Centre of England have come together to offer 10 nights of English lectures.

Programme will include:
Quran Recitation by Sayed Jalal Masoomi
English Lecture by Sheikh Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali
Museeba and Recitations by
Mulla Hadi Gubanchi 
Mulla Noureddine Alkathemy
Mulla Abbas Yousuf
Contibutions by Sayed Hussain Al-Saleh
Sayed Hani Al-Wardi

There will be classes for 5-12 years boys and girls lead by experienced teachers.

There will also be a Creche for under 3 year olds lead by qualified child-minders.