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Statement: Condemning the crime of executing 3 young activists in Bahrain

Statement: Condemning the crime of executing 3 young activists in Bahrain


Their Lord gives them the happy news of Mercy from Him, and of (His) Pleasure, and of Gardens having an everlasting bliss for them, [Holy Quran 9:21]


For many years, the people of Bahrain demanded their basic human rights through peaceful protests. They peacefully stood up for their rights of dignity, justice and independence.

Despite the viciousness of the oppressive means used against them and all the attempts to lure them towards violent confrontation and bloodshed, the people of Bahrain remained steadfast in their peaceful movement to demand their rights.

However, the regime in Bahrain continued its oppression and aggression against the majority in this country with brutal crackdowns.

The execution of three young men following unfair and biased trial which included torture and harassment of their families is against all religious and violates the most basic of their human rights.  

These young men and social activists had served their community for years in particular in religious gatherings and did not want anything but to have their freedom of religious belief and their rights to justice and equality persevered and recognised.

The tragedy of ending the life of 3 young men who could have had a bright future ahead of them is nothing but state terrorism and an attempt to silence all opposition even when it is peaceful.

   The Islamic Centre of England condemns this brutal, excessive and horrific punishment, and calls on religious leaders, human rights organisations and activists around the world and the international courts to stand up and defend the oppressed rights of these young men and their bereaved families through denouncing this heinous crime and pursuing the legal avenues to achieve justice for them.

May their souls be showered with mercy.