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Sahifa Al Sajjadiya / Workshops-Seminars

Following the 1st Sahifa Al-Sajjadiya conference held at the Islamic Centre in February 2016, a series of workshops are planned to further explore this valuable collection of supplications. These monthly nationwide rotating workshops will
address the social topics in the Sahifa Al-Sajjadiya and their relevance to our daily life.

Participant Organisations:

March - Imam Hussain Mosque (Lebanese Welfare Community) - London..
April - Masjid-e-Ali - Luton..
May - Muslim Community of Essex -- London..
June - Husseini Islamic Mission Hounslow -- London..
July - Abrar Islamic Foundation - London..
August - Dar Al Islam Foundation - London..
September - Imam Ali Foundation - London..
October - Imam Reza Cultural Centre - Birmingham.
November - Al-Khoei Islamic Centre - London..
December - Alulbayt Foundation -- London..
January - Manchester Islamic Centre - Manchester.

Next event to be held in May at:
Muslim Community of Essex -- London..
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