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Quran Tafseer Class

Quran Tafseer Class 


In this Quranic commentary classes, each chapter is discussed in several session and different aspects of each verse are reflected upon.

Currently, we are discussing chapter 74, sura al-Muddaththir

The main methodology in our commentary is the explanation of the verses under discussion by other verses of the Qur’an which is technically called tafsir of the Qur’an by the Qur’an.

After this is established other possible meanings of each verse are examined and the views of famous Sunni and Shi’a commentators are discussed and if possible, one view is chosen as the preferred meaning.

Where necessary, historical, theological, legal and spiritual implication of the verses are pointed out.

The session is followed by an open Q & A time which adds to the richness to our understanding.

All welcome.