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Itekaf A Journey towards Allah (swt)

Islamic Student Associations in collaboration with International Islamic Link has organised a comprehensive programme for I’tekaf this year (2015) to be held at the Babul Murad Centre from 1st of May 10pm to 4th of May Maghrib Prayer for the first time in the UK.
Registration is required: http://goo.gl/forms/ 7nG65dckhj
Open to Brothers and Sisters

For more information email: itekaflondon@gmail.com 
Facebook page: https://www.facebook. com/events/960543830657498/
*I’tekaf – A Journey towards Allah (swt)
I’tekaf refers to staying in a mosque for a minimum of three days with the intention of seeking proximity to Allah (swt) whilst observing a number of conditions. During this time, the believers fast, engage in worship, meet new people, participate in congregational programmes and so on.
This short period is an opportunity for self-discovery and reflection. It provides a platform for the journey of the servant towards his Master, and it is an intensive programme for the spiritual growth of the believers. Although Islam denounces monasticism and it encourages individuals to be part and parcel of the society to serves its members, however it does recommend taking a time out once in a while going to the house of Allah (swt) to re-evaluate our lives. I’tekaf provides this opportunity to take a time out of our busy lives to reflect on the purpose of our creation and the direction we have taken in fulfilling it. It helps the individual to detach from everything for a short while, strengthen his/ her relationship with Allah (swt), recognise the potentials he has and return back to the society.
The importance of I’tekaf is so much that Allah (swt) mentions the ones who are doing I’tekaf next to the ones who are doing the circumambulation (tawaf) of the House of Allah (swt). The Qur’an states:
“ Remember We made the House a place of assembly for the people and a place of safety; and take ye the station of Abraham as a place of prayer; and We covenanted with Abraham and Ismael, that they should sanctify My House for those who compass it round (perform tawaf), or use it as retreat (do I’tekaf), or bow or prostrate themselves (therein in prayers)” (2:125)
The holy prophet of Islam himself would also do I’tekaf and seclude himself from the society at times which illustrates the centrality of such retreats for the development of the human soul and spiritual growth.