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French Muslim Union Slams Egypt’s Mass Death Sentences

The Union of Islamic Organization of France (UOIF) has condemned the move by courts in Egypt to sentence hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death.
Issuing a statement, the UOIF described the sentences as cruel, saying they were issued by the military regime of Egypt with the aim of oppressing the opposition, Saphirnews website reported. 
It said the verdicts showed that Egypt’s judiciary is not independent and acts as told by the military officials.
“Freedom of speech and conscience has no place in Egypt and the ruling regime seeks to eliminate men and women who have different political views,” it stressed.
The statement underlined that issuing mass death sentences without taking into account the basic rights of the citizens, namely the right to defend oneself against charges, is the indication of a new dictatorship emerging in Egypt.
The union called on the French government and the international community to end their silence and take measures against the military rulers in Egypt.
In a move condemned by international bodies, Egyptian courts have handed down death sentences to hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Source: IQNA