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Reporter of Channel 4 of London TV: I was impressed by the Splendor of Imam Rezas (A.S.) Shrine

Channel 4 reporter of London TV said, "I was impressed by the beauties and splendor of Imam Reza's (A.S.) shrine. Ned Bulting stated in the sideline of holding Asia Men's Sitting Volleyball Championships in Mashhad, "I am boxing reporter in Channel 4 of London TV. After 2012 Paralympic games in London, I got interested in Paralympic sports and now I try to publish a book about the Paralympic sports and I came to Mashhad to perform research about sitting volleyball in Asia and Iran."

Stating that Paralympic sports are less known in the world, he said, "There is a long distance between the athletes of these sports across the world so I am trying to introduce these sports and athletes to the world."

The channel 4 reporter of London TV described Iran's National team as one of the powerful teams and reiterated, "This team's plays in London Paralympic games cause the English people got surprised and I traveled to Iran to find the reasons for these power and capability."

Stating that Iran's sitting volleyball is very advanced, Bulting said, "In this country teams, payments, referees, and coaches are professional and an experienced coach leads the Iranian national team. These issues are definitely influential in the power of Iran's sitting volleyball."

Traveling to Iran for the first time he remarked, "I had a different imagination about Iran before traveling to this country but now I noticed that the reality is different from what I imagined."

The reporter of channel 4 in London TV added, "I didn’t feel security problems in Iran. There are different problems in every country, but here is different from what I or other foreigners imagine and everything was beyond my imagination."

He called hospitality as the main characteristic of the Iranian people and said, "I visited the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) up to now which is an amazing place."

Source: ABNA