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2nd Meeting of Muslim World Quranic Radios’ Directors Kicks off in Mauritania

The second conference of the directors of Muslim world’s Quran radios started Tuesday morning in Mauritania.
The gathering has been organized by the Union of Islamic Radios in cooperation with Mauritania Radio, Mauritania’s official news agency reported.
The two-day conference is underway at the conferences hall in the African country’s capital of Nouakchott.
Addressing the opening ceremony, Syedi Muhammad Walad Muham, Mauritania’s minister of communications, said the entire Muslim Ummah is devoted to the Quran.
He also stressed the need for providing answers based on the Quranic teachings to the questions raised by different groups of people.
The Nouakchott conference is aimed at enhancing the services provided by the Quranic radios of the Muslim world.

Source: Iqna