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Models Feature Scientific Miracles of the Quran

Students of Al-Tawfiq International School Jeddah held an exhibition recently that focused on scientific phenomena explained in the Qur’an 1,400 years ago.
The two-day event showcased models based on the Quranic information under the slogan, “Scientific miracles of the Quran.”
Principal Najah Khan said that the exhibition was not part of the curriculum but the Quranic subjects that were displayed by the students are part of their school program. It expounded knowledge beneficial to students and public.
“We organized it to spread the knowledge of the Quran that our students learn in different subjects every day,” she said.
“Models and posters are visual aids and help in conveying the information more effectively so we thought to share this knowledge with the students of other schools, parents, teachers and the public,” Khan said.
More than 400 students of different schools and teachers visited the exhibition which put on show the work of 80 students who made 25 posters and models on different subjects of life including embryonic development, mountains, universe, seas and rivers, ozone layer, connection of the Quran and everyday life.
Rabia Majeed said that the exhibition is a collaborative effort of the whole team with Ateeq Ahmed, Principal of boys section Al-Tawfiq International School leading the initiative.
“We chose 25 subjects from the Quran and displayed the scientific miracles therein,” Rabia said. “The Quran talked about these subjects over 1400 years ago whereas science has very recently begun ‘discovering’ these phenomena,” she added. “It’s basically to let people know how rich the Quran is and how ignorant we are of this treasure house of knowledge,” she concluded.
Source: Arab News