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“Modernity in Islam” Forum to Be Held in Geneva Int’l Book Fair

A forum on “modernity in Islam” will be organized on May 2 on the sidelines of the 28th international book and press exhibition in Geneva.
Elmoudjahid website reported that the program will be held with the participation of Malik Shabal, expert in Islamic issues and an activist in the field of interfaith dialogue in Europe.
The international event which is due to take place in Geneva from April 30 to May 4 will host authors and publishers from Islamic countries, particularly Algeria.
Algerian authors will hold specialized forums at this year’s exhibition on Arabic and Islamic literature, Islamic culture and civilization in Africa and the role of women in social evolutions in Islamic countries.
The international exhibition is held with almost 100000 visitors and considered as a good opportunity for Muslim authors to introduce the true Islam in Europe.

Source: Iqna