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French Muslim Singer Releases “Pardon Me O! Muhammad (PBUH)” Album

A French director and singer has released his new album titled “Pardon Me O! Muhammad (PBUH)”.
Speaking to Radio Tunisia, Chirstian Bel, who converted from Christianity to Islam 13 years ago, said the album contains songs with religious themes, mosaiquefm website reported.
He said the songs touch on the current situation in the Muslim world and the problems facing Muslims.
Referring to the title of the album, Bel said “regrettably, we have come to a stage that we need to ask the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for forgiveness given the mistakes we have made”.
He said during the 13 years since embracing Islam he has always tried to follow the right path introduced by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Bel, who is originally from France, had been living in Syria in recent years until two months ago when he had to leave for Tunisia.
Source: IQNA