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World’s Largest Quran Being Made

A Syrian man is using wood and hammers to make the world’s largest Quran, which will cost nearly $1.12 million and weigh 33 tonnes.
Riad Nawaf Madi started his project in Syria in 2005 but work was disrupted by the war, which forced him to flee to nearby Jordan.
In Jordan, he was about to give up the plan before he met an Egyptian carpenter in the southern town of Irbid and agreed with him to finish his work at his carpentry.
Madi told ARM news agency that the Egyptian man gave him a section of his carpentry to finish his work and that he refused to charge him any fee.
“The cost of this project is estimated at $1.12 million and I expect the book to weigh around 33 tonnes when it is finished,” he said.
“We are using part of the carpentry’s revenue to fund this project, which is the first of its kind. We hope it will enter Guinness.”
He said he was using large wood boards produced at the carpentry to engrave the Quran words, adding that he needs nearly a week to finish one page.
Source: IQNA