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Bringing Schools of Thought Together is the Effective Way to Address the Islamic World’s Challenges

Date & Time: Saturday 13/09/2014 9am to 6pm

Venue: Islamic Centre of England, 140 Maida Vale, London, W9 1QB


The previous 7 proximity conferences have addressed important and fundamental issues facing the Muslim world. It is necessary to build an Islamic establishment which guarantees harmony and prosperity for the community by identifying challenges and providing practical and effective solutions to advance the Islamic civilisation. Such a project cannot be implemented in an atmosphere of division and discord.

The Muslim world, unfortunately, continues to face problems which prevent its unity and hinders the progressive movement which Muslims strive towards.


The Muslim world faces many challenges, the most significant of which are:

1.       Internal wars and the occurrence of sectarian, ethnic and regional conflicts

2.       Lack of development and impotent economic policies

3.       Ignorance and lack of education which lead to extremism and Takfiri tendencies.

4.       Blind emulation of foreign cultures.

5.       The occupation of some Muslim countries and the related repercussions.

6.       Plundering of the Muslim world’s resources and keeping the Muslims in poverty.

7.       Oppressive and irresponsible regimes.

8.       And others

How can we face these challenges, to alleviate the Muslims’ pain and suffering and prevent division, discord, and sectarian or ethnic conflicts?

There are considerable strengths, ample resources and numerous opportunities to coordinate the efforts of Muslim scholars and thinkers through a balanced approach and constructive religious preaching.

How can Muslims be united?

How can the problems be solved?

Due to the importance of these questions and topics the Islamic Centre of England holds the 8th International Conference for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought entitled:

“Bringing Schools of Thought Together is the Effective Way to Address the Islamic World’s Challenges”

Papers and research submitted by conference participants will cover the following areas:

a-      Challenges:

1.       The danger of Takfiri fatwas and sectarian incitement

2.       Sectarian, Ethnic and  regional wars – repercussions and solutions –

3.       Lack of development and impotent economic policies

4.       Lack of responsibility towards achieving moderation and harmony in our society

5.       Cultural impositions.

6.       Targeting the younger generations and their beliefs

7.       Violence against women and marginalizing their role in society

8.       Foreign occupation of Muslim countries

9.       Blocking the scientific development of Muslim countries by the imperial and world powers.

10.   Imposing secular tendencies among Muslim societies.

b-      Religious preaching

1.       Who is qualified to give fatwas and issue religious rulings?

2.       The role of reason in forming religious speech

3.       Fruitless and aimless lecturing

4.       Division and incitement has no place in Islamic thought

5.       Reasonable and calculated preaching

6.       Islam is the religion of peace and social harmony

7.       Preaching and its impact on the society

8.       How can Muslims be brought together

9.       What should and should not be included in religious preaching

c-       Solutions

1.       Meetings, conferences and dialogues to come up with coordinated efforts

2.       Ensuring that the younger generation and women in society take their rightful roles in addressing challenges to the Muslim world.

3.       Addressing the misconceptions raised by the enemies of Islam.

4.       Declaring the danger of cultural impositions and their repercussion on Muslim societies.

5.       The Muslim identity by acquiring knowledge and perseverance  

6.       Encouraging the values of tolerance, brotherhood and cooperation among Muslims

7.       Returning to  the Holy Quran and the Prophet’s Sunna (Traditions) to find solutions for the Muslim world

8.       How can Muslim governments and establishments contribute to bringing Muslims together

9.       Recognition of differences and the existence of the “Other”

10.   The utilisation of social media to suggest further solutions or methods to address the challenges facing Muslims.


The International Conference for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought - Britain