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London: Mother claims husband is ‘grooming their children for jihad’

A mother of seven has asked a high court judge to intervene after claiming her estranged husband was trying to ‘radicalise’ two of their sons.

The Londoner has accused her Libyan-born spouse of ‘negatively influencing’ the elder boy, aged 12, with ‘radical fundamentalist thought, associated with terrorism’.

She claims both he and his 11-year-old brother had told her they ‘want to be a jihadist when they grow up’ and that they despised ‘England and Christians’, despite their mother being English.

On one occasion, the mother said she found the elder boy crying and telling her she was ‘going to hell’ because she was not a Muslim.

Presiding over a preliminary hearing in the high court, Mr Justice Holman said the family’s local authority had initiated care proceedings and involved the police after the allegations were made.

The judge said he would analyse the wife’s claims but pointed out that all the ‘material’ submitted was ‘no more’ than statements made by her.

The couple’s custody battle had been brought to family court after the couple had separated and began rowing over where their seven children should live and how much contact their father could have with them.

However, their father ‘strongly denies’ his wife’s allegations about his influence on the boys.

Mr Justice Holman said he would decide the children’s future in the family division of the high court in London later this year.
Source: ABNA