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Muslim Women Battle Discrimination

Marking the international women's day, the European Forum of Muslim Women has issued a statement to condemn discrimination against Muslim women based on their faith and gender.

''The voice of women remains too often neglected, and this is all the more striking when it comes to Muslim women,'' the forum said in the statement that was cited by KUNA on Saturday, March 8.

''Indeed, these women face double discrimination both related to their gender and their religious beliefs,'' it added.

On the women's day, marked worldwide on Saturday, March 8, the Forum expressed its regret towards the continued injustice against Muslims all over the world.

It also showed hope ''to see their condition improved and their voices heard''.

 According to the forum, the current European context was one of the factors that endorse discrimination against Muslim women.

''In the current European context characterized by a rise of populism, these difficulties are reinforced by the effects of race discrimination,'' the statement read.

''Muslim women are therefore exposed to serious acts of physical and psychological violence, which tend to become commonplace and even institutionalized through laws intending to exclude Muslim women from economic and social participation.''

The Brussels-based Forum has urged religious freedom by allowing Muslim women to practice their faith freely.

''These discriminatory measures ignoring fundamental rights, and consider that possibility for each citizen to live his faith with dignity is as a necessity for effective democracy and social peace,'' the statement added.

The forum has emphasized on its persisting support for the oppressed women all over the world.

''The European Forum of Muslim Women expresses on this occasion its renewed support to oppressed women all over the world and is committed to pursue with faith and determination its struggle against all kinds of discrimination perpetrated against women,'' it added.

International Women’s Day (IWD) which falls on 8th of March every year celebrates the social political and economic achievements of women world over, while focusing attention on areas requiring further action.

This year's theme, ''Inspiring Change'', was not far from Malawi Muslim women dreams.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) described women as the counterparts of men. In his last sermon he commanded Muslims to take good care of women.

Source:On Islam