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First Ever Vatican, Islamic Museum Joint Exhibit

Sharjah Museums Department has announced a unique and unprecedented collaboration between the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization and the Vatican Ethnological Museum, resulting in an exhibition on the material culture and arts of Muslim cultures from around the world this March.

Running from March 19 until June and entitled ''So that you might know each other – the World of Islam from North Africa to China and beyond'', the exhibition will feature artefacts sourced from the extensive collections of the Vatican Ethnological Museum in Vatican City.

It will present 70 first-time exhibits that include costumes, textiles, jewellery, riding equipment, weapons, musical instruments and items of daily life and cultural practice obtained from countries ranging from  Africa to the Near and Middle East, and across Asia to China.

Commenting on this exceptional exhibition, Manal Ataya, the director general of Sharjah Museums Department, said: ''This unprecedented presentation celebrates Muslims’ diverse heritage across cultures while exploring how the people’s art flourishes in harmony with a unifying faith. The exhibition is specifically designed to speak about the manifold ways of life within the Muslim community, and each artifact displayed tells a unique story about peoples’ traditions.''

Source: ABNA