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Russia: Boutique of Muslim women clothing opened in Yekaterinburg

Muslims living in the Urals make up more than 8 % of the population of the Urals. There are many nationalities such as Tatars, Bashkirs, Kirghiz, Azerbaijanis and many others, who live in the Urals and practice Islam.

According to Shariah law muslim woman has to observe certain rules of dress and behavior. The clothing should completely cover the body and head; it shouldn’t be tight and shouldn’t be similar to the male clothing. Due to a demand for such clothes and a shortage of quality products, Rosaliya Ahmatova the head of the "Musulmanki Urala" organization have decided to open a sewing workshop and boutique of modern muslim clothes. And currently it operates in Yekaterinburg.

Rosaliya Ahmatova and other muslimas, who are the members of the organization and designers of the workshop at the same time, are planning to participate in the contest of clothes designers, which will be conducted May in Kazan this year.

Source: ABNA