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The Message of the Prophet (PBUH) for Today’s Girls (Part 2)

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Unobtrusiveness is the source of every beauty, and in the absence of unobtrusiveness no beautiful deed takes place and no immoral deed get avoided.

Unobtrusiveness is chastity and modesty and avoidance of immoral deeds, especially when one feels that someone is watching. The Prophet of God said: “Be careful today for God is aware of all of your deeds.”‌

Pondering about the way Moses encountered the daughter of Shoaib and the way the daughter of Shoaib walked – which was unobtrusive – can be very inspiring to you.

Choose the correct clothing

The Prophet of Islam has stressed the importance of women’s clothing and prohibited unlawful exhibition and obtrusiveness. And the Holy Qur'an – while advising men to avoid staring at women and to wear proper clothes in front of them – advises women to not look at men for pleasure and to protect themselves. Notice the two verses below:

1- O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters to wear long clothing.

2- Tell faithful women to turn away their eyes and protect themselves. Cover their skirts from outsiders and never expose their beauties to men except to their husbands and other legitimate insiders, except what is inevitably exposed, and wear their scarves so that their heads and necks and chests and ears are covered, and not to beat their feet on the ground as they walk to show what beauties they are hiding.

With regard to the necessity of hijab, The Qur’an says that “Thus the nobles will not be exposed to the harassments.”‌

Always seek knowledge

Always be interested in learning and knowledge, because “God elevates those who have faith and seek knowledge.”‌ Never get tired of studying and education, and never think about graduating. Remember the advice of the Prophet (PBUH) who said:

Four things are what every smart and wise person must be loyal to: "Receiving knowledge, preserving it, spreading it, and putting it into practice.

Every bowl loses its capacity when they put something in it, except the bowl of knowledge that gains more capacity when they add to it.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: "The Ansar women are good women. Shyness does not impede them from obtaining knowledge about religion."

The best knowledge that the youth should learn is what will be useful in their adulthood and can be used by them in life.

Be thankful toward your parents

Don’t hesitate to do favors toward your parents and be humble and modest to them. Lucky is the one who does favor to her parents!

Someone asked the Prophet about the best deed. He answered: "First performing the Salat at an early time and then comes doing favors towards parents."

One day the Prophet’s foster sister came to him. When he saw her, he became delighted and spread a sheet and seated her on it. Then he turned to her and spoke to her and smiled. After she left her brother came, but he was not treated as his sister was. They asked His Holiness about the reason behind the different treatments. He answered: "Because she was more kind toward her parents than her brother was."

Someone came to the Prophet and asked about doing favors to parents. He replied: "Do favors to your mother. Do favors to your mother. Do favors to your mother. And he added once: Do favors toward your father too."

He started with advising to do favors to mothers first.

And you daughters of the Prophet! Always analyze yourselves before being criticized by others. And value the message of the Prophet.